The best DXA solution for your practice

The DXL Calscan uses our Dual X-ray and Laser technique, which combines traditional DXA with a precise laser measurement of heel thickness to allow better exclusion of adipose tissue than with DXA alone.​

Demetech AB has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for the DXL technique. Read more here >>

With over 40 clinical studies published in leading scientific journals around the world, DXL Calscan is a clinically proven tool for any health care center, private physician office or outpatient facility interested in fracture prevention. Calscan also creates an attractive service for your patients, empowering them to take steps that can improve their bone health.​

In a hospital environment the DXL Calscan can be used as a stand-alone tool or as an effective complement to axial DXA devices. Scanning all outpatients with fractures before their release can be an effective tool for preventing future hip fractures. Also, many patients with conditions that distort the results of spine or hip scans, such as obesity, scoliosis, vertebral compression fractures, and hip implants can be accurately scanned with the Calscan.​

DXL, Dual X-ray and Laser, is the proprietary technology that gives superior reliability through unsurpassed accuracy and precision. DXL Calscan is our first instrument based on this technology.​

Demetech´s ambition is to lead the technological development in osteoporosis diagnosis through constant innovation and close customer contact. Through this innovation it’s now possible to diagnose and categorize patients early, which will ultimately enable prevention of osteoporosis.